Cactus Silk Cushion Cover 60x40cm |

Cactus Silk Cushion Cover 60x40cm | Bright Orange

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Cactus Silk Cushion Cover 60x40cm | Bright Orange 


Cactus Silk Cushions are handmade in Morocco and are all unique and one of a kind


Approximately 60x40cm

No two patterns are identical and there may be slight variations in sizing due to the handmade nature 

Material: Sabra Rayon / Cactus Silk

*Please note this is a cushion cover only- insert is not included

Care Instructions: 

As this is a handmade item, slight variations may occur and are to be expected.  These may include imperfections such as fading, colour variations, imperfect lines, loose stitching. These details only add to the uniqueness and beauty of these cushions

Please dry clean only